It Turns Out That Men Can Also Experience Symptoms Of PMS. What Is It Like?

Irritable male syndrome (STI), known as a male depressive syndrome, is a condition in which a man experiences nervousness, becomes easily agitated or irritable, tired, and depressed. This condition was also influenced by the hormonal state of men, precisely the hormone testosterone. The presence of a decrease in testosterone in men can cause symptoms of depression and poor mood conditions. Well if you feel it then it would be better if you immediately ask for help from a professional therapist as you can easily find on the website


Regardless, if your family member or relative is experiencing symptoms of STIs, here are some tips that can be done to help her!

1. Give support and understanding, and be patient with them.

2. Try to get them to talk and listen attentively to all their complaints.

3. Try to invite them to reduce the activities that can trigger the emergence of discomfort and stress, instead invite them to do the things they like.