Terrible Facts About Fat

Hearing the word about fat, for the owner slim and sexy body can be a nightmare. But for some busy women, it is sometimes difficult to get rid of fat for various reasons. Therefore, to get the ideal body without fat, all you have to do is to do a diet program that suits you. Currently, you can easily consult to Z Med medical weight loss clinic to get information about the optimal diet program for you. Apart from that, here are some awful facts about fat!

1. Fat can swell 6 times
When the fat in your body accumulates and only slightly burns, the fat cell size will expand 6-fold from its minimum size. Then these cells will multiply from 40-100 billion in adult bodies.

2. Excess estrogen
Excess hormone estrogen can cause various diseases. Because the hormone is known “female hormone” is a fat-storing hormone and of course there are more in the female body.

3. It is difficult to remove
Although a woman loses a lot of weight, the size of fat cells shrinks. Not those fat cells can be lost or reduced. More precisely suggested to women to control weight rather than have to lose weight drastically.

4. Potentially aggravate pain
Besides being uncomfortable when your body hoards a lot of fat deposits, it turns out fat cells can aggravate your state when sick. Fat cells attract macrophage cells that play a role in the immune system.

5. Different behavior
Abdominal fat moves more actively in the body’s metabolism than the fat contained in other body parts. Fat cells in the stomach release many fatty acids that can cause diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer and affect liver function.

6. Interfere with the body’s metabolism
If you do not consume fat at all that happens is a disruption in the vitamin transport system and energy-making process. The body is also unable to absorb calcium completely and the blood clotting process becomes difficult.

7. 30 percent of daily calories
It is recommended during the diet to consume 30 percent fat from total calories derived from fat. Saturated fats derived from red meat and packaged milk tends to be the bad fats in the body. While good fats you can get from olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish.