Are You a Gamer? Make Sure You Choosing The Right Gaming Laptop!

For gamers, the expensive price of a gaming laptop would not be too much trouble to get its own satisfaction in playing games on a laptop. They need a laptop with a high specification in order to run a variety of heavy games without experiencing obstacles. In addition to being used for playing games, gaming laptops can also be used for other things such as multimedia activities or just simply browsing. Unlike PCs and gaming computers, with a special laptop game, of course, you can play games anywhere. Visit our website to get 13 inch gaming laptops 2018.

VGA (Video Graphic Adapter/graphics card/graphic card) is one of the most important parts in choosing a quality gaming laptop.
VGA affects the look and quality of the game when we play. Because the current game usually has a ‘Wow’ look. Minimum VGA needed in a gaming laptop is Nvidia GT840.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is also becoming an important part of choosing a gaming laptop. Make sure you buy a gaming laptop that has a RAM above 4GB. Also, make sure the gaming laptop also provides an additional RAM slot, it is intended that you are easy to upgrade RAM when it is less. Type of RAM used DDR3, it would be better if using DDR4 RAM. The current heavy games like GTAV, MAD MAX, Watch Dog, etc., require at least 8GB of RAM to work properly.

There are two storage media on a laptop, the SSD, and HDD. On gaming laptops, you better choose who has an HDD at least 1TB (1000 GB). Because the current game will take up a lot of storage when installed. Some of the latest gaming laptops currently provide slots to add HDD for storage can be added, this can also be a consideration in choosing a gaming laptop. You need to know, if you buy a gaming laptop that has an SSD, do not ever install the game into the SSD. SSDs usually have limited capacity, use SSDs only to store system operation. If the capacity of your SSD is large (500GB ++), you can put the game in it.