Reasons Why AC is Not Cold

AC or non-cold air conditioning is often experienced by many people today. The need for air conditioning especially in the summer continues to increase, especially in big cities. Moreover, the heat that is felt today seems to be caused by global warming that has begun to be felt. Hot weather conditions, plus the increasingly narrow area of the settlement that has a little gap for the wind to enter the house. Cooling the room is not cold in the middle of the heat of the stinging air would make you feel disturbed. Although the problem of air conditioning is relatively easy to do hvac maintenance and does not require too much cost, still it will be very disturbing if it happens often.

If the air conditioner is not cold, there are some things that might cause this to happen. Check out the following possibilities and fix it immediately to cool the air conditioner.

– Weather
As mentioned earlier, the weather also has a significant effect on the cold or not. That’s why at night when the weather conditions tend to be cooler, the air conditioner works more leverage to make the room cool. But unlike the case when the weather is very hot, even though you have just installed a new air conditioner, the cooling room may not be cold because it can not work optimally in the middle of such weather conditions. If you feel that the air conditioner is not cold, you can lower the temperature to make the coolness more felt.

– Condition of the Room
Room condition can also cause the cooling room is not cold. Moreover, if the room that you live directly exposed to the sun and the wall is made of a mixture of cement and sand without using lime, then the chances of the room will feel very hot so that makes cooling the room is not cold. Indeed, chalk can cause the wall to be less powerful, but very useful to provide a sense of cold.

– Freon Leak
Another reason why air conditioning is not cold is that of the leaking freon. If you feel that the air conditioner has been cooled off within a few months, then it is possible that there is a leak in the evaporator, a damaged compressor, or because of a problematic MCB.