Is Social Media a Cause for Depression in Nowadays?

Now, many people are depressed in their lives. Many of them can no longer manage their lives and lead to acute depression. To handle the depression you need the best treatment, you can visit the website There you can get the best handling for your depression.

Increased depression rate was allegedly caused by social media that is now widely used by everyone. Social media that is now a complement to the life of today’s generation turned out to have an effect that is not good for mental health. Here are some facts about why social media is the main cause of depression in the present.

– Having seven social media accounts can increase the risk of depression up to three times higher. This is because the focus division is very difficult to do. Multitasking between social media assessed could trigger unnecessary emotional upheaval.

– Too often check social media account was exhausting to the brain. Your brain will be required to work harder to make your social media account visible to many people.