Do It To Keep You Safe When Buying a Used Computer

Computers will facilitate human in completing various jobs. However, not everyone can afford a computer. The price of an expensive computer is one reason why many people actually need a computer but cannot buy a computer. Not infrequently, to meet the needs, many people who prefer to buy second or used computers, because the price is certainly much cheaper when compared to the price of a new computer. Unfortunately, not all second computers have the same capabilities as new computers, especially if the hardware has been updated a lot with non-original hardware. Therefore, you need to be careful and meticulous in buying a second computer ขายคอมมือสอง. Here are some tips on buying used computers:

– Checking Computer Condition

The first thing to do when going to buy a used computer is to check the condition of the computer as a whole. Before turning on the computer for testing, you should ask the seller to disassemble the CPU casing to ensure that the hardware or hardware on the computer’s CPU is still original, nothing has been replaced.

– View Specifications

After checking the hardware conditions, ask the computer vendor about the specification of the second computer, ranging from the size of its RAM, memory capacity, to the category of ability.

– Turn on Computer

If the conditions and specifications of the computer are in accordance with what you want, ask the seller to try out the computer by turning it on. Look at the speed of performance of the computer. If the performance is fast enough and good, then bring your ear to the CPU, listen to the engine sound on the computer’s CPU. If the sound is smooth, then the computer is quite safe and good for you to buy. Do not forget to check the performance of the hardware one by one, ranging from DVD / VCD room whether it works well or not, the clarity and brightness conditions of the screen, the sound produced, and hardware / other hardware.

– Request Warranty

When the condition of the computer you have checked all carefully, then before buying be sure to ask for a warranty on the seller. Usually, sellers in used computer stores will only provide a one-week warranty.