Internet Benefits in the Field Of Government

Without us realize The benefits of the Internet is now playing an important role and can already be felt by various circles even rural communities with the help of satellite internet from And one of the benefits of the presence of the Internet is as one of the largest media in the world can be used as a driver of the progress of Government System. Therefore let us learn for a moment about the benefits of the internet in the field of Government!

1. Can be used as an internet media to receive the aspirations of the community effectively and efficiently through a website dedicated to channeling the Aspirations of the Community. The activities of officials are usually busy. Now, officials can accept the aspirations of the people easily and quickly by opening a special website to channel the aspirations of the community.

2. People can channel their aspirations easily without demonstration or violence. Today people can channel their aspirations easily by conveying these aspirations through a portal or a government-owned website.

3. Through intermediaries, Internet media between the government and the community can occur a continuous relationship thanks to government-run websites