Creating Unique Articles to Be on Google’s First Page

Having an online store, personal website, or website for internet marketing sometimes encountered many obstacles, especially about traffic. Although it has been posted several times, traffic to the website was not there increase, even tends to decline. If the traffic into the website declines, of course, sales, advertising installed, or your internet marketing business will drag.

One of the mistakes people make when writing articles on a website is not heeding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, if you from the beginning always follow a unique writing format with SEO friendly, you can get traffic that will have a big impact on your business. Then is there any way how to create unique and SEO friendly articles?

The key to getting your articles into Google’s first page is unique and quality. Probably many of you who just casually copy and paste articles from other websites then upload it to your website. You not only fail to get traffic, it could be your website will be blacklisted by Google.

Spinjutsu will assist you in creating unique, quality articles, and will be on the first page of Google. Spinjutsu will provide some tips that really help you in developing one topic to create one unique and quality article. In addition to tips, Spinjutsu also has the tools to check the uniqueness, quality of the article, and whether your article is SEO friendly or not. Thus, every time you pick up an article on the website, it is possible for your article to be on the first page of Google to be immense. Then, what can Spinjutsu for you?

Keyword Research
Spinjutsu provides keyword research tools that can search for thousands of matching and relevant keywords. Not only that, you can also find the most searched keyword internet users with low competition so that your article is easy to be on the first page of Google.

SEO Friendly Articles
With Spinjutsu, you only take 10 minutes to create a quality article with tips and tricks that are very powerful. It also ensures you will get 100% unique articles.

Posting SEO
In Spinjutsu, you will also be assisted how to post SEO articles, ranging from keyword placement, Meta desc, Meta tags, and so on.