Android Games for Children to Play With

In addition to traditional games such as building blocks for kids, you can also provide games from android to your child so they can get to know various types of games. But before, you need to be careful first about the games that are well played for your child. Therefore, here are the reviews!

1. Pou
Pou is obliged to be given a meal, if not given a meal he would appear his eyes are glazed again as the sign of hungry. If you want to buy food at the Shop, then it will be saved in Fridge. And remember to give him a different kind of food, Pou does not like if we give him a meal just a burger, or just eggs. You also must be given the right medicine fitting his health level already under 50%. Pou’s sign needs to be given a drug will appear thermometer. Keep fit Pou dirty, we must shower him in Lab. And to buy food, drugs, etc. we make coins that we can get from playing some games that also exist in this Pou game.

2. ABC PreSchool Playground Free
The ABC PreSchool Playground Free game app is an educational activity for toddlers and children, allowing children to doodle with their fingers at will and show their artistic skills. Choose from a variety of color crayons, erase, and start over. This game can also be an alternative picture book for children to express their ability in drawing.